Recent Water Damage Before & After Photos

Seattle Water Loss

A broken water supply line to the dishwasher can leave enough water, overnight, on a laminated floor to cause significant damage. SERVPRO always recommends to o... READ MORE

A Refrigerator Caused Water Damage in a Foster Island Kitchen

The plastic supply line to the ice-maker split on this Foster Island home refrigerator. The volume of water was large enough to seep between the laminated floor... READ MORE

Seattle area home suffered water damage to flooring and walls

This Seattle home suffered a water loss that required mitigation to the walls and flooring. SERVPRO responded quickly and was able to extract the water and red... READ MORE

Seattle area kitchen sustains water loss

This Seattle area home suffered a water loss in the kitchen which required mitigation. Once the damaged materials were removed the structure was cleaned and pr... READ MORE

Ceiling damage to Seattle area Home is mitigated

This Seattle area ceiling sustained water damage due to a water damage above. SERVPRO quickly removed the damaged materials and dried out the structure. Call S... READ MORE

Water Damage in Seattle

This Seattle Homeowner found water leaking into several areas of his basement. The moisture affected several different types of materials including Wood, Sheet... READ MORE